How We Do

Our clients look to VSSR Consultants for objective, knowledgeable and experienced advice.

Clients may call upon our services because they wish to obtain an independent view on a development plan they have formulated or they wish to undertake a strategic evaluation of technology options open to them. Whatever motivation our clients may have for seeking our assistance, they will find experienced and assured support at VSSR Consultants.

Our advice is frequently sought when the owners are facing difficult and seemingly intractable technical problems with their operating plants. We provide structured and bespoke problem solving skills to help resolve their difficulties. We make use of sophisticated simulation and analytical tools to model their operations and obtain insights which allows us to provide solutions to the operational problems they face.

Opportunity Realization

We will work with you to create a roadmap of the technical and commercial work required to fully evaluate an opportunity, and to establish a corresponding decision framework. We can provide project management support and technical oversight in execution of this phase. We are confident that we can help you to increase the value of your asset during the maturation phase of a field development.


Once we understand your problem then we provide a fully integrated approach which recognizes the subsurface and surface engineering constraints and opportunities – bounded by your drivers and constraints. We work in close co-operation with your team to create a realistic and practical work plan to complement your internal business processes.

Organising Resources

We ensure that the entire organization is aligned and set up to deliver on the project objectives successfully. The available resources will be allocated and if needed additional resources will be made available. These resources includes manpower, hardware and software skills, third party vendors etc.

Specialist Skills

VSSR Consultants will bring on board any specialists skills required to solve your production problems by applying advanced techniques and tools to help maximise the plant uptime or throughput.

Stages and Review Cycles

We engage all levels of expertise from day one in various stages and reviews, building momentum and capabilities to sustain the success.

Change Management

VSSR Consultants will keep a tab on project work scope and will be focused on predicting, measuring and managing risk associated with change management.

Project Delivery

We deliver the project work scopes with high quality standard and within scheduled time frame.